Wednesday, 26 July 2017

That's All Folks

My cycling adventures in America have come to an end! I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. I won't try and name names as I'll only miss someone out. I've been fortunate to meet many wonderful people and I do hope some of you will be passing by York someday. I'd love to have you stay and you can get in touch on

Thanks also to anyone who has been following my blog. It's been great to have your company.

The scores on the doors are below.

Arriving in the states 1st May and finishing cycling 26th June
7 States explored by bike - Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon
A further 4 by car - Kentucky, Indiana, Nebraska, South Dakota
Total cycling mileage 2,430 miles
59 days spent cycling - an average of 41 miles per day.
Average speed of 9.1 miles an hour
Approx. 267 hours spent pedalling (4.5 hours per cycling day)
Longest continuous cycling stretch - Jackson, WY to Astoria, OR. 1,657 miles
Punctures = 1 (50 miles from the end!)
Bike services 2, 1 new chain
McDonalds visited = 0

This is hardly pushing the limits of cycling endurance but I very much enjoyed sightseeing and lazing around in parks and beaches as well as cycling each day. Here's what I will miss most:-

  • Every day being a new adventure - it's been a wonderful & unforgettable summer. Tough at times but also rewarding. 
  • Unexpected things on the road such as fields full of alpacas, grocery stores in the middle of nowhere blasting out country music, an unexpected mountain popping up on the horizon or fruit vendors letting me eat as much produce as I could.
  • The friendly people of small town America
  • Really long descents that stretched for miles
  • Swapping tips with fellow cyclists
  • Eating as much ice cream / cookies as I like and feeling it is justified 
  • Those moments when no one else was around and I had the landscape to myself, streching out for miles
  • Seeing lots of wildlife I'd never have seen from a car. E.g. badgers, beavers, and lots of deer and antelope that would gallop alongside me.

The adventures aren't over yet as I have a couple of road trips with friends lined up before returning to the UK at the end of August. However this is a bike blog so for now it's goodbye from me.

I believe it is traditional to sum up these blogs with some sort of profound wisdom that I have learnt on my journey and can now pass on. Well here's my take away lesson - it doesn't matter one jot where your towel is, always know where your insect repellent is.

Holly x


  1. Such a fab adventure Holly - can't wait to hear all your stories over a bottle of wine! Xx

  2. Congratulations!! Truly amazing, what an adventure! Very pleased it all turned out so well. xx

  3. Well done, it all looked such an adventure xx

  4. Amazing!! good luck with the next ones!!


That's All Folks

My cycling adventures in America have come to an end! I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. I won't try a...