Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mitchell, OR

I set off from Dayville at 5:20 as I had 2000ft to climb to the top of Keyes Creek Pass 33 miles away. There were no real steep sections and I made the summit at 10am having managed to stay cool all morning. On the way up I passed several gophers and a shoe tree. I thought I was perhaps crossing the Pacific Crest hiking trail but I will cross that later at Sisters.

Soon after leaving Dayville I cycled through Picture Gorge which really was spectacular, a narrow road and river with sheer cliffs rising high on each side. In the cool shade and with no traffic about I enjoyed the morning ride. Swerving round the dead rattlesnakes on the road I enjoyed the desert-like scenery.

From Keyes Creek Pass it was 7 miles downhill to Mitchell, I didn't have to turn the pedals once!

Oregon is definitely winning the prize for best hostels. The Spoke'n hostel in Mitchell is a haven to spend the afternoon. Pat and Jal├ęt the owners are lovely, you can see Pat in the kitchen, making me a strong cup of coffee. The afternoon is merely "hot" instead of "this is insane I want to die hot" so after playing the piano (poorly) for a bit I headed out to a hammock in the shade by a beaver dam to read and nap. I'm also taking full advantage of the kettle, tea bags and milk. The Americans as usual think this is weird.

I met Lindsay who was leaving the hostel as I arrived. She is walking across the states pushing her gear in a buggy. She started in South Carolina in November and is on her 6th pair of shoes (having left an old pair in the shoe tree I passed). She is having an amazing time and now she is nearly finished (relatively speaking) is trying to decide what adventure to do next.

Over another pass tomorrow to Prineville.


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