Monday, 17 July 2017

Rest Day - Eugene, OR

I enjoyed a day in Eugene, there were lots of very nice parks by the river and a river side walk. Also a rose garden so I could stop and smell the roses.

Downtown was decorated with lots of trees and flowers and I enjoyed my voodoo doll doughnut from the voodoo doughnut shop!

There are a large amount of homeless people in Eugene. None of them bothered me but it was sad to see.

In the evening I went for dinner with some more cyclists who I had met earlier on the trip and had just got to Eugene. Cue another bad selfie! I met Justin in Afton, VA and then again in Chester, IL. He has been cycling with Laura, Chris and Steve - 3 British cavers turned cyclists from Cheddar. I met them briefly in Missouri. They were staying with Gill, an American caver who Chris & Laura had met on expo. Chris also organised a caving expedition in Mexico that my friend Mark went on so we had a friend in common. It's a small world!

The brits and Justin were staying a day in Eugene then heading due west to Florence. Justin & Steve are finishing there and picking a car up to catch flights. Laura & Chris are cycling south to San Francisco. I decided to head north on the main Transam route meaning I should get to the sea on Wednesday all being well and then up to Astoria slowly as I'm meeting Sissel there on 28th.

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  1. Ooh, I recognise the voodoo doughnuts shop from the 'Man v Food' programme! Yes, I watch this crap...


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