Monday, 3 July 2017

Enforced Rest Day in Cambridge, ID

It took Amazon 48hours to let me know a delivery date for my new tent which would be July 7th. Well I've got time on my side but not that much time, or willingness to wait in Cambridge which is very small. I cancelled the delivery and mentally prepared for a hot and busy 100mile round trip to Ontario. Luckily I found Brandy who works for Hell's Canyon Tours. She gave me a lift to the outdoor shop for which I am so grateful. I forgot to get a photo of Brandy, I meet so many helpful people and keep forgetting to get a picture.

Brandy had two young girls so I passed on the play tent and hope they get some fun out of it.

I tried to cycle on the local cycle path by the river but it is too gravelly for my road tires so I did a short walk along it instead. I also swam and visited the local craft shop. They had lots of lovely things but I don't need more to carry.

Some pictures from Cambridge are below including the British telephone box (outside another closed business sadly) and the 'before I die' board. I thought of what I would write and realised my number one ambition was to procure a new tent and cycle across Oregon to the Pacific. That's my dream for the minute, it's hard to think beyond this fantastic trip. Although I also would not mind beating Graeme at halo.

I met some old friends in the afternoon. Well 5 weeks old anyway. I have a odd time perspective on this trip - England seems another lifetime away. They are George from Virginia and Alex from Belgium who I met back in Illinois/ Missouri. The three of us agreed to roll out at 6 tomorrow and go through Hell's Canyon to Halfway. Temperatures are forecast at 39C so I am expecting the canyon to live up to its name. We will be rewarded by crossing into another state and by a traditional small town America 4th July celebration with parade, BBQ, live music and of course fireworks. The thought of that will keep me going!

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