Saturday, 15 July 2017

Eugene, OR

Getting tired of granola bars, and having greedily scoffed my breakfast banana the night before, I rode 15 miles to the nearest cafe on route for a traditional Yankee breakfast of egg, bacon, pancake and maple syrup all on the same plate. Yum.

The 14 miles after breakfast were unpleasant being on a busy highway. After that I took some very quiet back roads to Eugene, going through some lovely surburby areas. It reminded me of cycling in Virginia and was a nice temperature for riding. There were the pink and purple flowers (pictured below) everywhere. I don't know what they are. I also passed lots of trees with hanging Spanish Moss - although I read somewhere that the plant is neither Spanish nor a moss. This is very fertile area with vineyards and fruit farms, again similar to Virginia.

Total cycling today was 54 easy miles on flat land. Eugene has lots of cycle paths and the motel owner says he gets lots of bookings from cyclists. I am having a day off tomorrow so shall explore downtown Eugene then.

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