Sunday, 23 July 2017

Nehalem, OR

Cape Lookout state park to Nehalem Bay state park was a fairly flat ride. It took me past the giant inflatable crab of Garibaldi. I also went via Oceanside for breakfast and a visit to another beach.

Another $6 hiker/biker site available in the state park. Normal tent sites are $29 and were full anyway. Perhaps the trick is to abandon your car somewhere, pack everything into a rucksack and arrive at the campsite claiming you've just hiked 20 miles! You could also choose to arrive here by horse and get a space in the horse camping area. The 4th night in a row I've gone to sleep with the sound of the sea.

Hiking and cycling are very popular round here so I've met lots of other cyclists over the last few days. There is a popular route going from Vancouver to San Diego, California which a lot of people are doing. These are the busiest roads I've seen though so while it's great to be by the sea, the traffic can make for stressful cycling. This is why I was not too tempted to add more days cycling onto my trip, instead I will stay at Nehalem for another couple of nights and also have a couple of days in Astoria before meeting Sissel for our road trip.

Nehalem Bay has another great beach which stretches for miles. The wind has not let up here though whereas the last few days on the coast have not been very windy for me. The camping spots are well sheltered in the trees.

Nehalem is small but has some nice shops and cafes. It also has a winery (this is American for vineyard) which does tours & tastings so I may well do that tomorrow.

Update - what was that I was saying about no punctures!? 45 miles away from Astoria and I get my first flat. Not surprising as the roads round here are so busy I'm forced to ride in the shoulder which has all sorts of debris and broken glass. Still all fixed now and it would have been a shame to have carried tyre levers and spare tubes across the states for no reason. Fingers crossed for no more problems.

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