Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Prineville, OR

I want to start this post by saying congratulations to my Grandad who has recently celebrated his 90th birthday. In fact I hear that the celebrations are still going on in full swing this weekend! I'm sorry that I can't be there with you.

Helped by a bag of gummy sharks I ascended 2200ft to the top of Ochoco Pass. From there it was a gradual descent down to Prineville. Wildlife spot of the day was an American badger crossing the road. It's the first time I've seen one, they have a much smaller snout than our English ones.

As I approached Prineville I was surprised by three snow covered volcanoes appearing on the horizon. These are the three sisters which are officially named North, Middle and South and also known as Faith, Hope and Charity. As the town I am aiming for tomorrow is named Sisters I expect to get some more views of them. They were a bit too far off today to come out in a photo.

Prineville is the largest town I've seen for some time and the traffic, noise and bustle takes a bit of getting used to after a very quiet few days. I thought the court house (pictured below) was very attractive. I've checked into a motel to take advantage of the a/c and chance of a quiet and early night. As I have good wifi I can also watch a film on Netflix on my tablet which is good to switch off. I have tried watching American TV once or twice but they only show commercials. After dinners of soup, instant mashed potato, cous cous and tuna for a few days I'm also going to take the chance to enjoy one of the many Mexican restaurants here :)

48miles today in 5 hours 10mins of pedalling with a few stops. The temperature the last couple of days has been in the late 20s rather than the late 30s so much more bearable.

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