Thursday, 20 July 2017

Neskowin, OR

A 74 mile day to reach the Pacific Ocean meant my longest mileage day of the trip but I could smell the sea and hear the gulls before I reached the coast which was a good motivation.

Following Wendy's route I avoided the highway for most of the day and rode on some really beautiful quiet roads through farmland & vinyards then uphill through the Siuslaw national forest and down to the coast. I was very excited to see the sea!

Despite not cycling coast to coast I've pedalled 2,288 miles to get here so thought my bike deserved a dip in the sea. It's performed admirably with no punctures or broken spokes. Though I've still got some cycling to do so I'd best not jinx it! I swapped the front and back tyres round a while ago and that's stopped too much wear. I last started cycling again in the Grand Teton national park which was 1,515 miles ago so it was still a fair amount of pedalling over the rockies and cascade mountain ranges to get to this point.

I'm staying for 2 nights at Nancy's guest house which has bedrooms and also hostel type beds. It's beautiful here and the garden goes right onto the beach. Unfortunately Nancy is booked up this weekend or I could happily stay here for days!  Nancy is pictured with Steely who arrived last night. We went down to the beach to watch the sun set and Steely took some snaps of me and my bike this morning. Steely's given name is hard for westerners to pronounce so when she moved to America she named herself after Steely Dan. I think that's awesome and if I ever move to China I shall pick a cool Chinese name for myself!

The beach here is beautiful and stretches for miles so this morning I enjoyed a long walk then back to drink lots of tea. No I'm not swimming - the Pacific is freezing here! Its cloudy today which is amazing. I've been baked by the sun for weeks and am loving the cloud cover.

Tomorrow I shall start making my way slowly north to Astoria. Updated with a 2nd beautiful sunset at Neskowin

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