Wednesday, 5 July 2017

4th July - Halfway, OR

Still unclear as to what we are Halfway between I enjoyed an international 4th July celebration with fellow cyclists George (American), Alex (Belgian), Freddie (Swedish) and Ecaterina (Moldovan).

It was nice to be in a typical American small town and experience their celebration. There was no parade this year but live music and a BBQ at the fairground with a charity pie auction and some games for the kids. There was also a 'pub' so the yanks haven't thrown out all British traditions with independence. The fairground is like the English village playing fields but it sees less cricket and more rodeo.

After getting up at 5am, cycling 60miles over hills and looking at doing the same the next day it was a big ask for any of us to stay up till the fireworks (10pm). We all wimped out but I popped out of the motel to see the fireworks later. Didn't get any photos of them as I was inept at using the phone camera.

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