Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Halfway, OR

Hello from Oregon! My 7th cycling state and 5th time zone change.

58 miles today with George and Alex through Hell's Canyon, started with a 17mile climb in the cool of the early morning then a fast 7 mile descent into the canyon. I can't tell you how fun the long descents are out here.... they make all the climbing worth while. Stopped for 2nd breakfast at a cafe and then on through the canyon and into Oregon.

The canyon itself was not as hot as forecast thank goodness. We had some cloud cover and a bit of a breeze. The scenery reminded me a bit of the Scottish highlands (although the weather didn't!). There were a lot of deer running about which surprised us as it looked so barren. Climbed out of the canyon to Halfway. Halfway between what and what I have no idea.

We gained an extra hour so a bit of time to chillax before the 4th July BBQ and fireworks.

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