Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Corvallis, OR

Today was going to be a fast 45miles to Corvallis but some strong headwinds put paid to that. Still the roads were quiet and it was a sunny day, like every day has been so far in Oregon!

The road was flat through farmland. If I had been on the ball at the beginning of my trip I could have taken photos for a coffee table book of American mailboxes. Most are dull but you sometimes get some very creative ones. Here's a novelty tractor one.

I had messaged Wendy on warm showers but her Internet was down and by the time she got my message I was camped at the KOA (Kamp of America) 4 miles outside town. However she was kind enough to drive out and see me to help me map out a better route to the coast. The Transam route takes you on busy highways from here to the coast, it does not sound pleasent. Wendy is a local cyclist and we mapped out a similar length route on quiet back roads.

We went back to Wendy's house for dinner and then to the cinema with some of her friends. We saw 'The Big Sick' which was funny and is worth a watch. Wendy dropped me back at the KOA after - thanks so much for all your help Wendy!


  1. Good work Holly - remember to dip the front wheel in the sea when you get there....

    Pleased all going well. Matt

    1. Thanks Matt! The bike hasn't cycled coast to coast (lazy bike!) so it shouldn't really get a wheel dip. I reached the Pacific today and dipped my feet in though. It's freezing!!


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