Sunday, 2 July 2017

Cambridge, ID

A fairly uneventful 48miles to Cambridge, mainly through farmland. Got to Cambridge just after noon and it was 100F/38C. After 10am it became too hot to be pleasent cycling. It's annoying that cycling in the afternoons at the moment is not a sensible option (for me) as I'm feeling fit and would like to get more miles done to get to the coast and the lovely Oregon beaches!

I wouldn't have been able to go further today in any case as I need to wait here for my tent to be delivered. I got a free Amazon Prime trial in an attempt to hurry delivery up but am still waiting for a delivery date. I find the uncertainty tough to deal with and am not impressed with American Amazon!

I'll also need a stop in Baker City to give my bike a little TLC so the delay here is frustrating.

Still, an enforced rest gives me a chance to sleep in and I'm looking forward to not being woken at a silly hour by an alarm tomorrow. I've got a very nice and affordable motel and 38C is better for sitting in the shade than cycling in the sun - so I will try to relax and enjoy the rest days.


  1. Fingers crossed the tent turns up asap!! Must be very frustrating but hopefully you can enjoy your enforced rest days :-) reminds me of Wild where she has to order new boots in, all part of the adventure I guess! X

    1. I have a pannier full of bike repair kit but I didn't think about the tent breaking. So many of the poles were cracked as well as two broken and they are required to flex so much that a repair was not possible - even with gaffer tape!

  2. Something that even gaffer tape can't fix?! Who knew that was possible!


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